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Many families need to move frequently for various reasons. For such families, try to avoid buying some large furniture, use the equipment supplied by the landlord as much as possible, and buy some small or non easily damaged furniture if necessary. Try not to throw away the paper boxes used after moving, so that they can be used again when moving next time. And try to avoid booking some long-term services, such as milk, newspapers and magazines, so as to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.



1、 How to reduce the time required to move? If you want to reduce the moving time, you must first be fully prepared. First, put all kinds of scattered things into the box or pack them, and zero is the whole. Secondly, we can ask the moving company to increase its manpower., We should reasonably plan the moving time and moving route, and try to avoid traffic jam peak and traffic jam route.


2、 How to move and worry less? Try to avoid the trivia of moving in a big way. The better way is to sell all the household furniture and unnecessary daily necessities, and then buy a new set of furniture in your new home. Although this method is wasteful, it will give you a different feeling.


Zhangqiu moving company


3、 How to reduce moving expenses? If you want to reduce the moving expenses, you should first consider the regular moving company. Never go to the moving company that pastes small advertisements in the streets to avoid being hacked by such moving companies. When considering moving companies, you can consult 2 ~ 3 moving companies in advance, and choose a moving company with certain popularity or high reputation. After finding a moving company, you should make preparations to avoid wasting time or money due to your own reasons.


4、 How to avoid collision? When moving, be sure to indicate to the staff of the moving company which boxes or items belong to protection, and add some eye-catching signs or prompts on the boxes if possible; Some fragile items or valuables can be better handled by yourself; And try to personally supervise the handling and placement of large household appliances; Some heavy or bulky furniture (such as cabinets, pianos, etc.) should be handled by more staff and directed nearby; Fragile or pressure resistant articles shall be placed on the upper side for loading and unloading; In some old buildings with narrow aisles and often filled with sundries, be careful not to touch the things of the neighbors.


Then we need to remind you that knowing some moving knowledge when moving can better avoid some accidents when moving. In this way, we can not only reduce a lot of trouble when moving, but also improve the work speed and efficiency of the moving company when moving. Moving to a new house is a big event for the family. In order to avoid more confusion in the process of moving, Xiaobian reminds you to make corresponding preparations before moving.

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