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What is the secret to a smooth move? Hurry before action! Prepare some wise suggestions in advance. Here, Zhangqiu Moving Company summarizes the basic tasks you should do before moving.
1. Transfer your public utilities
By arranging the connection of public utilities in advance, avoid the lack of electricity, gas, water, or the internet. Nowadays, your utility can usually be set up or transferred to a new address through the network or phone.
Seize this point to ensure that you give yourself and your provider enough time to solve the problem. The earlier you do this, the more time you can spend researching a good plan that meets your needs.
2. Plan your move day strategy
Booking a moving company should be the first thing you need to do. Even if you don't know the exact moving date, you can start a conversation with the moving company you choose to see what is available and if it is possible to book a time. Good porter are hard to find, and their time soon runs out. Don't relax on this important issue!
Another thing you want to have in mind is the general schedule for moving days. Which room should I pack and unpack first? How do you plan to decorate the new house? Are you taking your children to a friend's house on the day of the move? What about pets? The moving process is not just about moving furniture from A to B. To make a plan in writing is not only for your reason, but also to help communicate with other people involved in the move, whether they are family members or porter.
3. Tenants: Making property reports
If you are moving into a new rental home, please provide a property status report before purchasing any furniture in your new home. This means taking a large number of photos of new properties and thoroughly filling out a condition report, which should be provided by your landlord or agent. Don't be afraid of being trivial and take a pile of photo evidence to support everything.
4. Start organizing
Why move away the things you want to throw away?
Start cleaning your wardrobe, selling or donating any unnecessary items. If you think you need to leave your belongings for the council to pick up and drop off after moving, please consider making a reservation as well. Clean up outdated items in the food storage room and remove old cosmetics or toiletries from the bathroom.
Make sure you leave enough time to truly enter your garage or shed to eliminate the strange and wonderful things that inevitably remain there. Please remember that paint cans and other hazardous chemicals require special treatment - they cannot be thrown into regular trash cans.
5. Start a thorough cleaning
Some things need to be completed after you leave, such as cleaning the floor or walls. But small things can start a few days in advance.
For example, start dedusting and cleaning the blinds. If your kitchen has space between the top of any cabinet and the ceiling, please go up and start scrubbing. Clean the fan blades or air conditioning filters.
If you don't plan to clean it yourself, it's time to arrange for a cleaner to come in after you leave.
6. Start packaging
Packaging didn't start on the day of the move! It is likely to start a few weeks or even months before the actual relocation.
Start with projects you don't need. For example, start packaging items (camping equipment, various garage items) in storage in advance. Then list everything that needs to be packaged: from heaters and instruments to bathroom cabinets, pots and pans. You may want to start tidying up your linen wardrobe, but please remember that blankets, sheets, towels, and tablecloths are good packaging liner.
7. Place unpackaged items aside
Don't accidentally pack your child's school shoes or laptop charger when needed the next day! Make a list in advance and set aside items that are not packaged. This may be a kettle, tea and sugar, work clothes, a few cups and plates, dog leaders - you will know what is crucial for your family.
8. Redirect email
Based on the number of emails you receive, you can start this process before or after moving. You can exchange this before moving into a new house. Otherwise, start making a list of everything that may require address changes, from frequent flyer members to doctor records and voter registration.
The above is the relevant answer to the question. If you have any doubts or needs about this, please come to our website http://www.zqsybj.com Consult!

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