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Under the high pressure of life rhythm, more and more people like to cultivate some interests and hobbies to cultivate their feelings, and flower cultivation can be regarded as one. But when we move, we have some problems. How can we move our own plants? The following is the analysis of Zhangqiu moving company for you:
Category I: succulent plants
Difficulty in handling: The fleshy plants are small in size, and although they do not occupy a place, they are easy to be damaged.
Plant handling skills
① For soil removal packaging, wrap the plants in circles with newspaper or toilet paper, fix them with adhesive tape, and then put them into a carton with foam interlayer to ensure that they will not shake. This method takes up little space for transportation, but the packaging is more troublesome and time-consuming, and needs to be replanted after transportation.
② It is relatively easy to move away with pots. Put the fleshy flowerpots in a large tray or foam box for collective handling, which is convenient and does not damage the roots. However, this method takes up more space and needs to be moved out of the compartment separately, and nothing can be pressed on it.
③ For special carton packaging, put the meat with the basin on the tray of the independent small carton, and then put it in the carton, so that there is almost no damage during transportation. However, this kind of carton is expensive and has certain restrictions on the size and weight of the flowerpot.
Note: After the meat is loaded into the carton, holes can be left at many places in the carton to keep the ventilation inside the carton.
Category II: flower plants
Difficulty in handling: For flowers and plants, delicate stamens, delicate stems and leaves, the stems and leaves should not be broken during handling, and shock-proof and pressure-proof measures should be taken.
It is recommended to move the whole basin for short distance, which will not hurt the root and avoid the damage caused by the basin.
It can be put into a long plastic flowerpot with flower belt, which is similar to a tray to stabilize the bottom. Generally, the size of the flowerpot is conventional. You can buy the model of the long plastic flowerpot according to the size and quantity of the flowerpot at home.
After several flowers and plants are put into a long plastic flowerpot, carry the whole long plastic flowerpot onto the car and put it in a place on the car to prevent the branches and stamens from being pressed.
Category III: vine plants
Difficulty in handling: vine plants are large in volume, with stems and leaves growing in the air, and long in length. During handling, pressure and bump prevention shall be done well.
Before transportation, you can directly put the plants with pots into large cartons, and then gently coil the vines swaying in the air from the tail to the bottom to ensure that all the vines are put into the cartons, and then transported to the car.
Category IV: large potted plants
Difficulty in handling: large potted plants are large in volume and heavy in weight, and the branches are high in the process of handling, so it is difficult to put them upright directly into the vehicle.
You can contact the moving company in advance to know the height of the carriage before moving. If the height of the green plant is too high to be put down directly, you can choose to unpack it. Extract the green plants with soil and roots from the basin, wrap the roots of the plants with newspaper, leave a little soil at the roots to prevent them from dying due to lack of water, and fix the newspaper with straw rope.
The branches are placed in the car, the earth ball is facing the front of the car, and the branches are facing the parking space. This can prevent the branches from being damaged by the wind and avoid some accidents.
Having said so many plant handling and packaging skills, in fact, the selection of transport vehicles is also very important. Xiao Bian suggested to choose the box car of the moving company as much as possible to make the carriage more stable and avoid the damage of plants caused by shaking. Come to our website for more relevant moving content http://www.zqsybj.com Ask!

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